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5 Days Old, Say It Ain't So....BROKE


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Hi All I wanted to get on here because i was really excited about my new surface RT. I wish i could go into all the things that i like about it but after owning the unit for just 5 days it decided to crap out. This morning i picked it up and it was on from the night before. I put it in my bag and went to work. when i got to work i tried to hit the power button but their was no response. I then pressed the windows button on the tablet and felt a vibration. i thought it might be on but just running slow. Still to my surprise the unit would not turn on. i thought although highly unlikely that somehow i had run out of power so i plugged in. Still to no avail the unit would not turn on. I am stuck here. I want to return and get a new one but soemthing tells me this wont be the last of these types of issue.

Please offer some encouragement or warning.


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Try holding the power button for 20-30 seconds to make sure the device powers down and then try and turn back on.


Mine had problem not re starting or turning off. After a chat with MS support, they decided to send me a new one, on receipt of the new one I popped the old one in the same package (MS sent a label with for free return) and sent it back with the courier. Easy peasy, thank goodness.


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So on my way to the Microsoft store my dad takes it out of the bag in the car and the thing magically turns back on. Luckily i had taken a video of what was happening earlier in the day. The Tech team at microsoft said it could have been due to a firmware upgrade that i needed. I wasn't taking any chances so i had them give me a new one.


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I actually had the same experience - the screen blanked out & it would vibrate when I pressed the home button, but I could not get ANYTHING on the screen. I tried everything I could think of - plugged into power, held the power button for 30 secs, etc - I thought I would have to swap it out, and then the next day it just turned on like nothing had ever happened.

That was about a month ago & I haven't see the issue repeat itself.


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I have read of this on other sites..... great that it comes back but not so good if
you really needed it then!