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Blue Screen Problem

I am Big Kev

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Hi All,

Hoping someone can help me......

My surface pro 4 came up with an error the other day that I am trying to fix.


The surface will now boot but only has a multi-colored wheel turning in the middle of the screen. Nothing happens but when I press the power button after about 15 seconds, my profile picture appears and then about 15 seconds later the unit will turn off.

I have tried all of the restart/repair options using the volume down loading options and found that the hard drive has bitlocker enabled. I can't remember enabling this and the unit was brought second hand 12 months ago.

Does anybody have any idea where I could go to from here, as I am at a loss. My thought is to replace the hard drive and upgrade it at the same time from 256gig to either 500gig or 1TB.

Any pointers gratefully accepted.

Thanks for Reading.


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