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64GB SP1 Out of Stock?!


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hmm I've noticed that the 64gb version of the SP1 is out of stock everywhere (including the microsoft store).
Having said that, has anyone done a warranty exchange recently (say in the last week) for a 64gb SP1?

I'm sure they have a slew of replacement units stocked up, but I'm hoping that they'll replace mine with a 128gb SP1 (unlikely) or even a SP2 (very unlikely).


I got a 64gb Surface Pro under warranty 2 weeks ago. Still waiting to hear that they received my old one... starting to get worried!


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Hi gangolfus I never 'heard' back that they received my Surface. Just logged on to my bank after I had sent it back and noticed no money was taken out after the final day lol (which they said it would if they didn't get it!)

Did you send it via UPS? Should be able to track the delivery on their website at least.