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Dealing with MS never goes smoothly for me


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My fans in my Surface Pro have started making a rattle noise. Obviously, it's a bearing or something. I used to only hear the whoosh of the air but now it's a distinct mechanical sound. Also, I think the 8/13/13 update makes the fans run more often but that's beside the point.

I went to Microsoft surface support page to arrange a chat. The page wasn't working correctly and when I went to myservice.surface.com, I noticed that, after many errors and page problems, it only listed my type keyboard under my devices. It was wanting me to register my tablet before it would allow me to talk to a technician but since I knew it was already registered with my complete care warranty, I decided to cancel and just call on the phone.

I finally talk to someone and we do a few troubleshooting steps. She says that I need to restore it before they'll replace it to be sure it's not a software problem. I told her I'd do at that night and call back. She said she'd email me the case number. That night, I did the restore that off course did nothing and called them back. The tech agrees to replace my tablet. The problem is, he has no record of it being registered to me!

Grrr! I explained that I registered it and this it is my second device as the first one was defective and exchanged at Best Buy. I explained that I went weeks with tech support getting them to transfer my complete care warranty from my first one that broke to my current device. Unfortunately, all of that was to no avail and I now have to wait for 3-5 days for someone in advanced support to contact me to find out why my device isn't registered before they can set up the advanced replacement - which will take another 3-5 days :(.

Unfortunately, this will be a battle. MS is very good at providing first level support but for anything beyond that, they suck big time. I went thru hell the first time where the tech would never call back and wouldn't reply to email etc. I haven't received the case number from the first tech I spoke with yesterday afternoon nor the followup info from the guy last night. They reason I exchanged the first one at Best Buy was because I had been waiting over 4 weeks for the Advanced replacement from MS that they claimed would arrive in 3 days.

I just know this is going to be a headache...and when I do finally get it replaced, the fun is just beginning. I've made an image of my device but I don't know how well it will restore to a different physical device. I'll probably have to reinstall everything plus have to deal with all my software activations and crap that will no longer work.

Thanks for letting me vent!
Yep, when I first got my SP I had a question on overheating and was told "advanced support" would be contacting me BY PHONE within 2-3 days. 3 WEEKS later I get an email from them to which I respond but never hear back.

And they wonder why they can't sell these things? MS Support, very friendly, completely useless people.

** I mean they've only sold like 5 of these devices, how hard can it be? :)