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Screen Creaking/Bluetooth & WiFi Problems


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Hey everyone, so I've had a 128 SP2 since launch and loved it for the most part but have come across a few annoyances over time that I've read others are also experiencing.

First off, I noticed the screen creaks sometimes when pressing in the upper left black area of the screen. Also, sometimes the metal along the top of the device on the left side can be pushed in slightly causing another creak. More recently I've been hearing a creak when pressing anywhere along the left black border, and afterwards there will be another creak when pressing again on the screen in the left/center area. When the device is off or cool there are no creaks. I've only noticed anything after it has warmed up.

Secondly, I recently received a Logitech Bluetooth wireless speaker adapter. However when I connect to it and stream music through Xbox music, the WiFi connection becomes too slow and the music pauses every few seconds. I remember reading a thread about this problem on the SP1 and had assumed it was fixed, but now I am reading that SP2 has the same problem and there are no official solutions. Interestingly I had no problems using a friend's Belkin Bluetooth adapter, and I have read that some devices work while others don't. It would be easier if the problem didn't exist though.

So at this point I'm just not sure If I should try to get a replacement or not, and if it would even fix any of these problems. Could these problems warrant a replacement from myservice.surface.com or a MS Store? I purchased the unit from Best Buy but they would not replace for the creaky screen. I only have the 1 year warranty that comes with the device and did not purchase anything extra. Also, is the original packaging needed to replace? I was also affected by the December update problem where battery drains when sleeping if that helps my case, but I figured this would soon be resolved with another update.

I really just don't want to go though a replacement hassle for a device with the same problems, and with the news of updated processors I'm thinking maybe I should hold off a little longer. Any input is much appreciated, thanks.