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New IMPROVED HD 4000 Graphics Driver on the way from Intel this week.


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That's great to know! Improved performance and battery life is always a good thing.

What I really want is the ability to have different scaling for multiple monitors and the ability to change scaling quickly without having to log out


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I wonder if these will be worth it or if the MS OEM version via update manage (hardware update) are still going to be the best due to the throttling issues.

Arizona Willie

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I just jumped through all the hoops and finally got the update utility to run and it said the HD 4000 had a custom driver and it could not update it. :(


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The main issue is if you have auto updates and you install these drivers it will think you no longer have the March 28th hardware update, then it will reinstall the hardware update and remove the video drivers. You can turn that off but I'm not sure if installing the video drivers changes anything else with the hardware update.

Hopefully MS puts these new drivers int he hardware update soon.