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8 Products That Won't Make It To 2014


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What Microsoft should do is make Windows RT compatible with x86 desktop platforms and work with OEMs to lower the price of devices so they are price-competitive with Android tablets. What it will do is kill this failing platform by the end of the year.

This paragraph from the article sums things up very nicely. It is nothing but an assertion - no reasoning (save for quoting dismal sales figures, which are questionable) - no accounting for a long-term strategic plan that MS may have in mind (despite recent comments to this effect by MS employees) for the RT - you get the drift.

The thing I find most galling in all of this is the repeated call to lower the price. Why? To compete with tabs like Archos? Seriously?

These types of articles (very common these days) make me mad. It's almost like - "have keyboard, can type, will spew forth nonsense...look I am member of the Technorati"!


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It surprises me how negative the reviews for the surface rt are. It's a great product. I agree initially the surface was very buggy, but the updates have sorted a lot of it out!

I think it's just that most people hate microsoft and want them to fail. Unfortunately they don't have the best reputation.


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That article originated from Laptopmag, as stated at the end of the article. Not Yahoo! which obviously is running out of own articles to publish.



My observation is that people who dislike the Surface RT, have not used the Surface RT. Apple/IPad is a religion regardless of actual functionality. I have found that the IPad users I have demonstrated my Surface to are blown away. The sad truth is that MS is not great at tapping into trends even though their hardware and software are better. Refer to Zune software as an example of an MS blunder. Fantastic software tossed aside for inferior Xbox music (ok, Xbox music has amazing potential, but Zune was so robust. Why couldn't Xbox have implemented Zune from the outset?)