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A cheap backup pen


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Can you customize the buttons to have middle and right click ? I'm guessing you can't but I had to ask.


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If your Microsoft pen quits writing, unscrew the top off the broken pen and you can use it on the HTC pen. View attachment 3613
Excellent! You just made my day. I was using an SP3 Pen on my Sony Vaio (didn't come with a pen) and not liking the feel of the tip at all plus the tip was disintegrating with use and Microsoft would not provide replacement tips because I don't own an SP3, just the pen! I recently got a Sony branded (N-Trig) pen and really like the two tips that came with it, but alas, no OneNote bluetooth. Well, after seeing your post I tried the SP3 cap on the Sony pen and it fits perfectly! Now I have the best feeling and longest lasting pen tip I have seen for an N-Trig device, AND bluetooth to boot!
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