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Why are mouse and keyboard waking up new Surface Pro. Aren't we over this??

WHen I got my new SP a few weeks ago I was thrilled that the type cover (the newest version) and the mouse (a corded logitech G500s) did not wake up the surface while it was asleep.

But alas, the thrill was short lived. Here we are a couple weeks later and I'm finding my Surface wide awake and warm in my brief case. A few quick experiments show that pressing the keyboard, or moving the mouse, wake it up. :( :( :(

Would it help to rant that MS has had almost 3 years to work on sleep issues and it's still not right???

Any constructive ideas are appreciated.

The only thing I have done to the SP in these few weeks is I have tried several other mice such as the new Surface Arc Mouse. Perhaps installing one of these mice alternatives has destabilized things?

Also note, in the Device Manager, none of the devices for keyboard or mouse has an option to not wake the surface.



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Why would you be moving the mouse when your Surface is in your bag asleep? I've not had mine wake up in my bag and did travel with it last week.


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I had the same issue. It kept waking in my bag. In fact, one evening I could hear the dial buzz from across the room periodically and wake my Surface Pro 2017. Like a couple of naughty kids who won't go to sleep. I finally "fixed" it by setting it to hibernate instead of sleep.

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