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New RT user from Colorado


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I picked up a Surface RT 32GB earlier this evening from Best Buy. I did quite a bit of reading about it and browsed dozens of topics on this board beforehand. So far I like it quite a lot although my unit has a pixel with dead blue and green subpixels so I will have to see about getting it exchanged tomorrow. The software is quite responsive and Internet Explorer is considerably smoother on here than Chrome is on my Nexus 7 despite both having virtually the same CPU (the Nexus 7 is 100Mhz slower I believe). Windows RT on a touchscreen is taking some getting used to although it's not too jarring since I've had Windows 8 on my desktop PC since release day. I definitely feel I made the right choice even after just a few hours with it.
Welcome to the Windows 8 world. There is a jailbreak that allows x86 apps to run that is currently in beta. It appears to be a tethered Jailbreak. I have the 128 Pro and may be getting my RT back at work. I gave it back to my boss but now feel that I cant explore issues that people are having here on the weekends without it. Anyway, good to hear you are liking your RT.
Congrats on your Surface RT purchase and welcome to the forums. I must say, the more I use Win 8 across devices the more I like it. It really shines in tablet form.
Welcome to the forum. Congrats on your RT you will find it entirely different and more capable than your Nexus 7.

Thanks very much for the welcomes. I swapped my Surface this morning and decided to get the one with the black touch cover. The new Surface is perfect and the touch cover is quite handy already.