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New Surface Pro 2 in the UK, Loving This Thing!


I've been looking forward this for a long time. Can finally and happily say I've got my new Surface Pro 2 :) It's going to be my work/play machine. Not really a gaming device as such but I'm going to try out a few different bits and post some videos.

So far I'm blown away by it all with a couple of small exceptions. The pen is drifting in the corners like many others reporting but I'm yet to do the 200 odd calibration so maybe that will change things. If not it's not a huge problem. My other niggle is the lack of independent text size/zoom. I can't use a 1080p 22inch monitor and the surface in desktop mode practically. Either one is tiny or one is massive, I don't know if there is a solution I haven't seen anywhere?

Anyway hi guys, proud to be an owner!!