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A question regarding Jailbreak...


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Hey all,

I got my Surface RT 68gig last week... been having a blast with it.

Just a quick question abut Jailbreaking... what is it? What are the benefits? What are the risks?

I have done some research, but everyone seems to already know the answer to, and therefore neglect, these points. Sorry if I sound like something of a newb, lol.

I am looking into it because I read that you can install more games if the device is jailbroken. But, I wouldn't want to put the device at risk, or my warranty.

Lastly, and I know this is the wrong forum but I'll throw this here anyways... are there any games you guys can recommend before/after a jailbreak? Any FPS style games that I can use with the Xbox controller?

Lastly lastly (I keep thinking of new things), I want to import all my music from other devices to Skydrive. Is this possible, or practical? And where might I find a tutorial for that?

Thanks! KM

Tom T

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When the rooting exploit first came out the reason was to allow running desktop apps, compiled for Arm, to run on the RT. I think for now we are better off supporting the Market in the hopes it will continue to grow and ensure the survival of what I think is the best tablet experience available. As far as the Xbox controller, I know it works with some emulators and some games support its use.

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Ok cool, thank you. I'm just going to keep the device as it, and continue supporting the store.
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