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Quick Question Regarding the Pro


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Just wondeirng, if I wait until January to get my pro, will I still be able to play some of the games and install some of the apps in the Microsoft store? Games like Angry Birds star wars which keeps my kids quite on long rides. I know I'll have access to the full browser but can I still install the mobile facebook and netflix apps?

Thanks in advance.
Everything you do now on the RT, you'll be able to do on the Pro version plus run legacy applications.
Just to clarify - You also have all those apps on Desktop computers running Win 8. I just updated my daighters laptop to Win 8, and she really is enjoying all the apps (although its not a touchscreen so its a bit cumbersome to use).
(although its not a touchscreen so its a bit cumbersome to use).

Everything I can do on my Surface RT I've been able to duplicate on my non-touch Win8 desktop. Only thing involved is a learning curve. For example, it took me a few minutes how to figure out how to create tile group names. In the end its all very easy.
I highly recommend a touch mouse for Windows 8 if you don't have a touch screen, you can basically use gestures on the mouse to bring up the Charms or do App switching etc. I have the MS Touch Mouse and everything works great although the force required to do basic left and right click is a bit high. I may pick up the Logitech Touch Mouse to test out.