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A Stand That Supports BOTH Keyboard and Tablet (laptop mode)


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Looking for a stand that supports both the tablet (as a monitor) when used with the keyboard. I have not been able to identify any laptop stand that does the trick, while working with the integrated stand. I love my SPro6, but am frustrated trying to raise it off the table a bit to optimize use of its camera as a web cam. Yes, I could spend more than I did on the SPro for a 'vari-desk' configuration, but it's gotta be easier that that. A Lazy-V ( __/ ) design would be best, but I can't find anything like that. Unlike most notebooks, the surface requires support from the back because there is no tension on the axis of where the tablet joins the keyboard.


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@paularmstrong4 ,

Not exactly what you are asking, but I really like my bamboo stand. I have a couple of Surface Book 2 units, which support the screen nicely, as long as the keyboard is attached, front ways or backwards.

Certainly is inexpensive, at only about US$13.

The bamboo, of course, never scratches the computer, and is practically indestructible and lightweight. The easel has other uses, too, like for books on the desktop, cookbooks for the kitchen, and tabletop or floor music stand for musicians.

BamBoo Book Stand - wishacc... Robot Check

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Thanks, sharp ... You're right; it isn't what I seek. Looks like when you use the stand you need to go into tablet mode (as in an easel or white board). No elevation change.

I need a stand that will cradle and lift the entire Pro6 in either keyboard or tablet mode. I have ordered this: Robot Check. It is deep enough to accommodate the Pro6's organic stand to support the tablet when used in keyboard mode. It provides the elevation and angle I need. I'll have it this Saturday and will follow up with how it works.


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Maybe find a way to get a Surface Pro 3 docking station with a stand to lift it up and something to hold the keyboard cover while it's attached? Pretty sure it would be some kind of custom setup.