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Argh! So Disappointed With This Tablet


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Almost all your complaints apply to the iPad and other tablets on the market as well - except the apps available in the store, which everyone here acknowledges. You bought a device for about the same price as the iPad or other comparable tablets and are upset that it doesn't do what a laptop can do. Its as simple as that.

The Surface out of the box does everything an iPad can do, plus a lot more that puts it slightly into laptop territory. What Microsoft has added to what a tablet can do is unmatched by its competitors. Its absolutely reasonable for it to be priced similarly - in fact, I would call it a bargain. I get your disappointment with the app marketplace - I'm with you on that, but I think it will come up to speed with time.


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on top of it, the news yesterday is MS is planning some other size Surfaces already to cover the market. MS ios not backing down - We are going to benefit from the investment/committment of MS to this class of computing.


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Chubnut, I agree with you entirely. I am tired of every review saying - "the Metro UI is great, but its a real disappointment that you can't run windows applications in the desktop mode". When did Microsoft ever state that you could run windows applications on the RT platform??? I don't remember reviews on the iPad where people said the OS is cool, but it sucks that I can't download OSX apps and run them...

I view desktop mode as a pure bonus, the ability to have more granular access to the OS than all the other tabs offer. It's not missing anything, its a bonus!


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I agree as well. It seems like these reviews are trying to pick anything out to flame, desktop mode and apps are the biggest complaints.

Get it right when you start your review, know what the RT does and then review it and it will shine.

Apps are apps, they will come... its barely been 2 months.


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WELL PUT DARTH......I was going to return mind too.....because of the CRAPPY MUSIC PLAYER what a head ache...but I call support and I am happy again