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About Android-type PDF readers


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Hi all,

Quick question:

On my Nexus 10, I have two paid PDF apps - Mantano and EzPDF. They are excellent for what they do - especially, Mantano.

I was wondering if there are any apps similar to Mantano for the Surface RT. I have tried the free PDF apps and there are not very good, I'm afraid. Any suggestions? I use my tabs - both of them - for extensive reading. My most common formats are PDF and EPUB.

Btw, for my desktop machine running Win 8 Pro, I use Freda (from the Win App store - free), which is quite good for EPUB. Now, if only I could find a PDF reader/ annotator for the RT. I usually avoid PDFs on the Modern UI on my desktop machine. I usually go into desktop mode to use Acrobat which is tolerable or Foxit (the latter being marginally better than the former).

Thanks in advance.