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After a decent ereader, iBooks, kindle type for my surface 2. I want it to read my own PDFs and ePubs. I thought the Kindle app you could "send to kindle" your own mobi (I can convert ePubs to mobi), and PDFs but can't seem to find out on Windows RT.

I read magazines PDF so any recommendations please.


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Well for PDF, you have a number of options - the most recommended is Drawboard PDF. But there are other options like Xodo and Foxit, among others. Personally, I use Drawboard PDF because I annotate my PDFs a lot and it has been stable. Xodo is also quite good.

For ePub, again there are options - like Book Viser, Book Bazaar, among others. Personally, I have found these two the best and I use them often.

Good luck!


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Any that do both in one app? I'll have a look at those thanks for recommendions
Hi...none that I know of or have found. Sorry.

Even on the iPad Air that I used to use earlier, I had two apps for each of the file formats. I used PDF Expert (for PDF) and iBooks (for ePUB).


OK no problem. Is there a way to get the PDFs and ePubs to store on the SD card rather than using up my limited internal storage?
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