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Surface Pro 5 Boot Loop

Roahn Perez

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Hi everyone! My Surface is stuck in an "infinite boot loop" I have done everything to try and fix it. I already tried to use the Recovery Media Tool on a USB, however, no drives come up when I try to reinstall windows. So, I then tried to manually create a partition drive in the "Command Prompt" however it when I type "list disk" it says "There are no fixed disks to show". I'm still trying to figure this out so if you have any suggestions please help. I cannot open windows at all. Whenever, I try to turn it on it just continuously shows the windows logo. I can go to the UEFI and the Windows Re-install Page. I have already tried everything in the advanced options as well. The "Start-Up Repair" option states that it could not repair my PC. The" System Restore" states that I need to specify which Windows Installing to restore however I don't know ow to do that. It has never asked me anything along those lines. Finally, the "System Image Recovery" states that an internal error occurred. Then shows an error "STATUS_WAIT_3(0x80070003)". That is everything that has to do with my situation right now. Someone please send help.


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That's a quite nasty issue you got there! My initial thoughts are that your SSD is broken and cannot be addressed.
Did you contact Microsoft support on this?

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