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activate Touchscreen (SP6)


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Hello Surface Community,
last year I cleansed my Surface with alcohol. Some alcohol went between the screen and the Touchscreen and still remains there (the screen is foggy)
As the touchscreen got wrong informations (hits) due the remaining alcohol between the screen-sheets. I deactivated the Touchscreen!

I don`t remeber how I deactivated the Touchsceen so that I could activate it again.
I tried the followind.

Deactivate/acitvate the Touchscreen agian in the progessor-manager (Windows+X) - Human interface Devices. It`s still activated
I looked for the Touchscreen in the Registry but there it`s also activated
I activated it in the cmd..

Are there other places, where I can activate and deactivate the Touchscreen?

Does anyone knows a way, how I could get the alcohol out between the screens?!

Thanks :)
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