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Adera - Uses alot of storage space


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Did you guys notice this game uses 1.5 gb of space. Run the app space tool. What is the deal and how do we trim it down. Disk cleanup doesn't see it.
This is going to have to be up to the game developers to trim the fat. Contact them and let them know you think the file is too big.
Game developer is Microsoft so considering all the other tasks they have, cant imagine it being addressed any time soon. Just checked it again -1.01gb - ridiculous
Oh, in that case, yeah they probably have a lot of other things on the table at the moment ;) I don't know the game but high that isn't an unusual size if it is a high quality game.
i have to ask the question.
Is havib-ng the game worth the size hit???
Yes - keep it installed
No - delete it
Aw: Adera - Uses alot of storage space

Although it demands a huge amount of space compared to other apps and especially for owners of the 32GB-Version, imho it's totally worth it.
Played through Episode 1 and really enjoyed it. Reminded me of playing Mist. So far I have left it installed waiting for Episode 2 to get released, but no idea when that will be. Hope the developer can improve the required storage since I can see this getting worst depending on how the new episodes are added on.
there is always the 64 gb storage add on option. I have seen fast class 10 options for like $40 online and I recently purchased 2 32GB at BestBuy on sale for $27 each. Ended up putting one in my Lumia 822, which totally rocks house on my Iphone 5 by the way. Anyway, I just don't feel cramped for space with the Surface the way I did on my Ipad3. That piece of garbage is up for sale on Amazon right now.
I really enjoyed the game, but believe if it didn't have such nice visuals it'd be deleted. it is pretty laggy and frustrating at times. I actually had to restart my surface to get the game to play at one point last night.

the reviews say something about Microsoft possibly charging for future episodes...anybody else hear this? If that were the case the game would be quickly deleted.