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Adobe Premiere Elements users; help


I recently reinstalled windows on my SB, with the help of MS with frustrating results, programs were doing strange things. For example, RoboForm was entering passwords without prompting me for my master password and RF was unable to fix it. So I contacted MS again and they transferred me to a SB specialist; they have SB specialists? They started over and this time the process was SB specific. Who knew? Anyway, that solved the RF problem, and a few other issues, however...

The reason I decided to reinstall Windows in the first place is that Premiere Element (PrE) was misbehaving on my SB, but not on my OLD desktop. It is still not behaving on my SB!

I can reproduce one of the things it does not do on my desktop but does do on my SB.

When I import a PSD file into PrE Assets it appears in the Assets window with vertical lines. When I add it to a Video track it appears normal but as soon as I grab a handle and adjust it the vertical lines reappear.

I have removed and reinstalled, and updated, this program a half dozen times in the past week, both before and after the windows reinstalls, but the issue persists.

I am wondering if other SB users, who use PrE, can reproduce this problem or if it just something on my system.