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Hello everyone,

I’ve just registered in this forum and I’m really glad to join you cause it seems that I will find a lot of answers.
I apologize in advance for my English and I hope you’ll understand me.

I have some questions about apps.

I’m looking for an app to make panoramas. Indeed, I use my camera to make simple picture but also panoramas. So I have different pictures and I need a software to assemble the pictures to make a panorama. With my old computer I used Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE). But in my surface, I cannot download it. So do you know a similar app that I could find in the Windows store?

Another app I would like to find is an app to cut movies. A simple app where I could cut the beginning or the end of my movies, or to make a video editing. Could you give me some advices?

And to finish, Is there an app to compress pictures? I would like to compress a picture, not by creating a compressed file, but by reducing the quality, for example to send by email.
On my old computer, when I opened the picture, I had the possibility to “compress picture”, easily. Is there an app to do the same?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Talk soon