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again "SYSTEM" process high cpu usage issue

Enrico D.

I have again the SYSTEM high cpu usage that comes each time the computer is idle for 2/3 minutes.

As I can I will proceed with a reset of my sp3 i7..... but if possible let's find a solution, it's crazy. :(

I use process explorer now

I saw today first that a SRTASK.exe triggered the SYSTEM to go up to 35%.

Then I see another process MRT.EXE to do the same, this was malicious removal tool of Microsoft, and I eliminated it.

Now I have the ngentask.exe process to send up the SYSTEM again, it is related to .net framework.

I'm not able to fix this last for example.

As reported another user, is happened to us that the Logitech keyboard K810 bluetooh is working a bit crazy since few days and some recent update of Microsoft..which I don't know, even the Logitech utility not able to recognize they keyboard anymore, mouse it's ok. But I tried to disconnect mouse and keyboard, ok without reboot, and the issue there is always.

Don't know what to do, I will work all the day on this then RESET.

I think Microsoft should give us an employee to fix all those bugs, we spent in this forum hundred thousands of dollars in this device, soon millions, we need an immediate help to fix bugs because we can't dream the solutions and fixes.


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Enrico D.

Enrico D.


unique problem is that this is SrTasks.exe while I remember without s like SrTask.exe, now I have the doubt!
Enrico D.

Enrico D.

with process explored I was not able to catch the moment with the print screen to show which exe were going up and then causing and leaving system to 30% and above.
Here seem that right now are responsible MRT.exe, ngentask,exe those 2...
what to do? ideas?

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MRT.exe is the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool.... its doing its monthly scan....ngentask.exe is part of the .NET Framework