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Airplane mode "on" in notifications while... it is not!


I have noticed a disturbing malfunction in the notifications area regarding airplane mode. This button shows that it is "on" while clearly it is not (i.e. both wifi and Bluetooth are operational). In addition, when I go into "settings" the corresponding button is set to "off". Go figure!!!!
Any ideas?


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I've seen the same. I'd hardly consider it disturbing though. My Android phone does this occasionally as well.


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I was having that problem on a desktop system just today. But everything worked as it should.


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I received the insider update and it's the problem is gone.


Not to hijack this thread, but is it worth having the Insiders' Build on the SP3 at this point in time? (I have it on my Win Phone, but that is another matter - though it is very stable).


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I just noticed mine was the same. I toggled it then wished I'd ignored it when everything disconnected.