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Alcantara Worn


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I bought a surface laptop back in January (3 months ago) and the right hand side of my palm rest has started to wear (see attached images) - at the moment it's not that bad but considering this is only 3 months old i find it to be excessive, whats it going to look like at 1 year old? or 2?

I got in contact with Microsoft and showed them the pictures; was told this is "normal wear", in fact see part of their response below:

"As mentioned in my previous email the keyboard alcantara material can wear over time. It's a soft material, even on hard surface material the paint can dissapear over time from it. This is how the material acts, some people can sweat a bit more then others, movement over the material like hand movement can make the material look more finished. I hope that my details where usefull for you Haig."

I find this insane - a £1250 laptop that has a wear patch after 3 months of light use.. and then get told that this is to be expected?!

Any advice on what i can do? anyone had a similar problem?


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Welcome Haig,

I can understand the frustration, but at the same time I would be expecting exactly that with a keyboard of that kind of material. I get rather sweaty hands, and it was that which put me off this cover, and stuck with the one I have. Have you tried cleaning it per the instructions to see if it helps?


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I definitely didn't think it would hold up as well as Microsoft claimed, but I expected to see wear after around a year.. not 3 months.

I'm going to try and contact a manager at Microsoft and see what can be done. Either way I'll be selling it; I can't live with a laptop that gets permanently dirty like this.

Also, yes I've cleaned the recommended way multiple times.



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Mine looks pretty clean, no dark spots, without having it evere cleanded, after 8 months. Maybe your skin is oily or sweaty, I don't intend it in a bad way. My brother has normal skin, but sweaty. Any controller/keyboard/mouse he uses gets dirty fast, residue composed out of his sweat and dust. I use silicone sleeves on our gamepads, which help reduce the dirt, so its neither 100% his or the materials fault. For me, alcantara is one of the most pleasent materials they could have chosen.


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I had exactly the same issue and that annoyed me so much I had to sell the laptop!
Bought a SB2 instead, now the hinge is giving me nightmares as the left part is not aligned as the right.
MSFT could well do a laptop as good as MBP but with Surface Book2 keyboard.
Good luck with that.

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