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Anyone got any replacement nibs recently?


I've ordered my second set of 3 nibs whilst still under warranty, and it could just be me, but I just swapped to one of the new nibs yesterday and it feels completely different from the first 3 replacement nibs I would use.

Firstly, on this screen protector, there would be a lot of scratchy wear on the nib for about the first few weeks of using it, before it becomes a slightly rounded nub a little bit smaller than when it was new. It would tear for a bit, and then it sort of be "roughed" into a stable state. This would start the moment I started drawing.

When I ordered this first set, I told MS support I was using a matte screen protector - now I'm not sure if they actually improved the nib, but I used a matte screen protector to prevent the "glassy" feeling of the screen, and get it closer to paper rather than feeling like I was drawing on a piece of glass.

Now with my new nibs, it sort of feels glassy again, and I was questioning whether I should remove the screen protector again, but then again, the matte screen protector also feels better for resting my palm against, instead of warm glass which feel sticky and makes it hard for me to glide my hand over the screen for longer pen strokes sometimes, so I kept it on.

Basically, my question is has anyone had to replace pen nibs recently, and do they any feel different from the previous nibs you've used before? They did say they used the information about screen protectors to improve their nibs, so something could've happened internally without telling anyone, since it's not really anything news-worthy. (I'm guessing most surface users might still be using the first nib that came with their pens)

It could just be me, or the screen protector "worn in" to the constant pen use, or maybe just simply the feeling of a new nib, but again, has anyone noticed any difference in the quality of nibs if you've asked for replacements more than once, PARTICULARLY if you use any screen protectors, especially non-glare matte?


I recently ordered a new set. Compared to the one that the surface came with, they do seem to be a bit softer.

I also have a matte screen protector on, as I do write a lot on the surface using OneNote.

As of now, with the new nibs and the matte screen protector, I'm wearing down a tip on a single day's use. It's to the point where I have to press really hard to keep the pen from skipping.