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Alignment problems with pen


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I'm not sure how to fully describe my 'alignment' problem...
Over the past few days, my pen (Surface Pro 3 pen) has been acting strange.
For instance:
If I draw down the right side of the screen, just at the border, the reflective mark on the screen under the point (the pen is not actually touching the screen, but is maybe 1/8" above the screen) slowly but certainly moves to left of where it should be beginning about 1/2 the way down the screen. At about 3/4 down the screen the reflection (does it have a better name?) jumps back in total alignment until about about 2" from the bottom, when it moves left again. At the bottom of the screen the reflection is a good 1/2 inch out of alignment to the left.

If I draw down on the left side of the screen, the reflection stays in alignment until about 1" from the bottom of the screen at which point it literally jumps out at a 90' angle and is out of alignment about 1/2" until the bottom of the screen.

I have no alignment problem across the top of the screen, nor midway down the screen.

If I move the pen and reflection across the bottom of the screen it goes very erratic, unpredictably out of alignment.

I have a new battery in the pen.
I have restarted the system twice.
I have used the built in pen alignment several times -- having problems with the right bottom mark on the screen each time.
I have used 'Surface Tweak Tool' (80 point) at least twice with no problems (although the 80 point alignment stays totally away from the bottom and right portions of the screen.

What do I try next? What is going on? and finally... why me?

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