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All Modern UI Apps Just Stopped Working


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Ok, 10.0 on the weird scale. No updates, no new software installed. Nothing.

Now NONE of my Modern UI Apps will launch. I click them and nothing happens. Store tries to open but immediately crashes. So strange because like I said, I did nothing. Desktop works fine.

Just ran full virus scan. Nothing.

The only Modern Tile that works is the Desktop tile.
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hmm check if all the windows services are running ? like DNS Client and so on ...
Yes, it is running.

This is so bizarre. There is nothing "wrong". Nothing changed. No viruses. No new apps. No smoke or explosions. Modern UI Apps just stopped. Inexplicable. Desktop works perfectly.


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Note: Not on Surface Pro.

Having said that, I was in the same predicament for a couple of days. I noticed that after I log in, not of the Metro applications will open, except the Desktop. I also noticed that when this happens, I cannot use the gestures on the trackpad to bring up the charms, app bar, etc., i.e., no edge gestures.

Then in day 3, the device an Acer S3, showed up with Preparing Automatic Repair coming out of suspend. Then it was followed by Diagnosing your PC, and then "Repairing disk errors. This might take more than an hour to complete." message.

After 2 hours of being stuck in that state, I decided to break out of it, boot from USB and found that my 256GB SSD is shot.

Hope this is not your case.


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Another thing to look at is to make sure UAC is enabled, Modern UI Apps will not run if UAC is disabled.


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Just did a full refresh. Nothing else would work. Ghosts in the machine.

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Yep, works now. Sometimes you add so much stiff and make so many tweaks that eventually something breaks down. No worries. I could have done a recovery to yesterday but I never like how things run after those. Had everything backed up so starting squeaky clean was easy.

Will never know what caused that.

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If you did a fresh install and everything, then it looks like it might be a hardware problem rather than software.
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