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Alternating between 'real' keyboard & touchscreen keyboard


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I'm still in the learning curve with my Surface and 8.1 and often don't know which one is giving me trouble. If I'm typing with the real keyboard and then I touch the screen manually in order to move around in the body of what I'm typing or to select a box or drop down menu, etc., the touchscreen keyboard pops up from the bottom & covers half the screen. I then need to X it out to make it go away. Is there a setting somewhere that allows me to turn the touchscreen keyboard off?


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first off welcome to our neighborhood! secondly, when you say real keyboard do you mean the typecover? or usb or Bluetooth? we need a little more info... with that said if you're using the typcover keyboard then the on screen KB should not come up...


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then I would suggest looking at your keyboard settings in the control panel as this shouldn't be happening, also make sure you have all updates done WITH THE KB CONNECTED...

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