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An app to control screen darkness levels


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Hello everyone this is my first post on the forum just got my surface rt yesterday.

Does anyone know of an application which you can control the screen brightness and make the screen darker then it can naturally go (android has an app called screen filter something like that). I have a problem with my eyes which makes them very sensitive to light so would like to make the screen darker then it can go.

Thank Luke


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Why don't you just swipe in from the right to expose the Charms menu, pick "Settings" and control the brightness of the screen from there? Try it, its quite convenient.


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I've not heard of such an app for Win8, and if you can't find one in the store or by Bing/Google search, it doesn't exist...

Have you considered a privacy screen? Those always darken the screen from what I've read (and most people hate that, but others may prefer it).


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I have managed to make it darker using screen calibration by turning everything down which now makes it more useable for me which is good is there any other method of making it even darker?

I cant find a privacy screen for the rt