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And the Clones Begin.. lol


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It's a clone alright, it only has 63GB of storage :LOL:

Microsoft’s Surface has just been officially announced in Germany and today on the show floor at CeBIT we found a clone that looks a lot like the Surface Pro. It’s 13.3 inches like Microsoft’s edition and it’s running a Core i3 or i5 processor with 4GB or RAM with options for a 32or 63GB SSD.


But damn, it has better camera specs than our real deal!


It actually seems decent for the price. Since my soon took the iPad from my wife, that might be a decent alternative.


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This is for OEMs not consumers as the price of $350 is for 1,000 units. Then one slaps their own brand and sell it for how much? Set up distribution channels, do marketing, defend why it is so, etc, etc, etc.