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Cloning my NVME SSD onto a larger SSD


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I have already upgraded my Surface Pro 3 from 256gb to 1tb. A friend cloned the drive presumably using a caddie to interface each drive to another computer. I now have a Surface Pro 4 with a 256gb NVMe SSD which I would like to upgrade to 1tb. The trouble is I cannot find a caddy for an NVMe drive. If anyone has done this then an idiots guide would be much appreciated as my computer knowledge is still back in the days of valve computers.


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You are looking for M.2 NVME enclosure. I think this or something similar should do the trick:

- Amazon.com: StarTech.com M.2 SATA External SSD Enclosure - USB 3.0 with UASP: Computers & Accessories

- USB 3.0 to NGFF M.2 External SSD Drive Enclosure Case Caddy Adapter Converter

How did you upgrade the drive in SP3?
Bought an i7 256gb SP3 with a broken screen to repair and while I was at it upgraded the ssd to 1tb. With the mSATA drive it was easy to clone with a USB connection but the NVMe drive seems a lot more difficult. I was going to use the Samsung software but my SP4 is not fitted with a compatible SSD. Has anyone managed to do it using just the SP4 and a USB ssd to store the image.