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Angle of the Kickstand


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Is it just me or do you guys wish the angle could be adjusted. I find more often than not I need a different viewing angle than the one provided by the kickstand.
I'm sure that was their design decision, the angle is just a touch off for me. No Biggie, just an annoyance, I still think this has the potential to be the best tablet on the market.
in the accessories discussion area, there is a discussion about cases and the one I have (KaysCase) allows you to use the case (leaving the kickstand closed) to change the angle of the screen. The case itself is a bit unwieldly with the way they use velcro and how it tends to slide down out of the holding area but once secured it gives access to all ports and provides a flatter angle when desirable. Worth taking a look at if you really want a lower angle...
I have no issue with the kickstand. Admittedly I don't use it very often, but the times I have used it, the angle works for me.
My dyslexia is strong today. I thought the title was 'Angel of the kickstand' and I thought the poster was praising the kickstand. lol Anyways.... It works good for what I do.
The Surface RT has taken over the role my Acer S3 has been providing, and I use this at the office where the kickstand is always in use. I found it suitable to the purpose, for the table heights we have at the office.
Yes, I reckon the trade off was worth it. I've noticed that it tends to be a little too steep often - but that's definitely not a real issue.

Ideally I think there should be two angles - a steeper one, and a shallower one, provided it is implemented well. But as above, it's not a big issue. Better to have one then not (*cough* iPad *cough*)