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Surface Screen Angle

Does the kickstand angle allow you to see and use the screen?

  • Yes I can see and use the screen just fine.

    Votes: 42 89.4%
  • No the angle causes viewing and use issues and makes no sense.

    Votes: 5 10.6%

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Yes a multi-position kickstand would be nice but this isn't about the possible angles of the kickstand. Instead this about the usability of the screen at the angle the that is included. The question is simple, do you have any issues seeing or using the screen at the included kickstand angle?

Personally if I set the Surface at typing distance using the kickstand and touch cover I have no problems seeing and using the screen. At normal typing distance, on a desk, for me the screen is about 18" from my body and about 20"-22" away from my eyes. I am average size (5'10") and feel the angle is close to what I would choose anyway. The viewing angles on the screen are so good I could actually use it all the way to negative 10 degrees (90 is straight up and then tilt it towards you about 10 degrees) or so with the touch angle becoming a problem before the viewing angle (you sort of have to reach under it at that point).
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I've used the Surface on a table, coffee table, and in my lap.....and it works just fine with the provided kickstand able. I think if it had adjustable angles, it would cause issue because the angle mechanism would wear out and become unusable.


At work, I have the front edge of the type cover about the length of a credit card from the edge of the desk. The screen is the right angle for me. I'm 5'10.

When I'm somewhere with less space and the tye cover has to sit at the edge of the desk, I sometimes wish I could tilt the screen back a little.

If I'm sitting in bed or upright without a table with the SP and type cover on my lap (ie. it's a lot closer to my body and lower down than when I'm at a desk), it's OK, but it would be nice to be able to tilt it back a little.

So, for 80% of my use, its fine. the rest, it's OK, but could be better.
Given that it's fixed, I'm OK with the angle.
I find it fine whether on a desk, my lap or a table (I'm 6ft. 3ins. by the way). As with any screen on a computer or a camera you have to be careful about the direction and strenght of the light source but, indoors at least, I have had no problems.



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It works for me - though I have not - and do not plan to - use the Surface on my lap. But on a table/ desk etc. it works just fine. Maybe the only times it does pose a problem is when the table is very low - like in some coffee shops etc.


I think everybody with a Surface should get a Prop n Go Slim lap desk, got mine from Amazon. Not only is it great for couch surfing, it gives you a whole bunch of angles. I've used the easel one time. If I was desk bound, I might think differently. I really don't understand the design decisions here. Magnetically attach a keyboard to the tablet that can't be used on the lap because of the easel, forcing you to a desk/table where attaching the keyboard doesn't make sense. If I was going to use at the desk a lot, I'd get a wedge keyboard and something to raise the tablet closer to the eyes, that gives more angles.
The Surface Pro has the best viewing angle range of any tablet I've encountered. Where iPad and even my Galaxy would experience issues from odd angles, virtually any viewing angle is good on the SP. Flat on the table, vertical, 45°, etc. all work well.


hmmmmmmm. I wonder who the only person who voted no on the screen angle is.... :big smile:

ooh, ooh, ooh I know pick me! begins with M? Right? LOL

I too have not had ANY issues with the screen angle at 6' 1". The front cam is just right for Skype also. As far as on the couch I just fold the type cover back, pop out the kickstand and it sits just right for screen keyboard. This is at my desk at work and yes I know I happen to have "extra" shelf space LOL. But at home in the recliner it works so well.