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Can't install Anniversary update (among others)


So I decided to pick up a Surface Book (again) deciding I would give it another try after the anniversary update, and I swear to god these things have to be the most temperamental devices I have ever dealt with.

I'm going through the initial update process and I have a laundry list of updates that have failed, and I see no way to retry them. Also, the anniversary update never even shows for me, it just states that my device is up to date even though I'm on 1511.

And yes, I've already reset the Surface Book once. Are there any steps I can take to get this thing properly updated? I'm trying the manual way that I see as possible when I click the "Learn more about updates" option.....I guess maybe/hopefully that will install everything that failed.
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Sounds like you might be a candidate for a full DISM, see:

Don't get hung up on comments about opencl.dll and SFC; I knew that my updates weren't proceeding properly, and went through this procedure. Since then - about 5 months ago - I have a perfectly well behaved SB that also sailed through the Anniversary Update...