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Theft security apps - Surface 3 Pro


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I have just purchased a Surface and, unlike my larger Thinkpad, I feel that potential theft is a serious issue. Given that I use the Surface 3 Pro at university/college, when I take a wc break it is inconvenient to pack up your gear. Surely there must be an app that can be set to trigger some alarm when your Surface is unplugged from 240V or if the gyro detects the tablet has moved substantially. It would be really handy to be able to set this when you leave your Surface for a short time, so that it can't be turned off without a code or turned down. Any available app would be great.
There's lojack for laptops http://lojack.absolute.com/en/products/absolute-lojack
Perhaps more than you had in mind...

There are a couple apps in the store.. Theft Alarm and Defensor which is what you mentioned, the knock on them is if you turn down the volume with the button on the side ... the alarm cant be heard. :( you could send them a suggestion that they text or email you as well :) I haven't tried these so cant comment on their real usefulness but id guess they probably leave something to be desired.
After a few false alarms it would be more of a nuisance setting you up for the real theft. Then you'll wish you had lojack.

There are some Find my device apps... rudimentary functionality makes them somewhat suspect and Wifi/Internet location isn't always that accurate. Sometimes it's right on, other times no so much.
A portable motion alarm for laptops would work IF the Surface had a Lock Slot on it... Maybe the SP4 will have one. Maybe you could loop a small cable thru a couple vent holes and rig it up... :)

Idea for device manufacturer, a portable motion alarm that connects to the USB port... it gets moved it goes off, it gets disconnected it goes off... of course if it gets disconnected its going off but its not with the device :(

Then there's the whole vibration thing... causing false alarms and the model I looked at had 100 db (very loud) alarm. You would be asked to never return to the library, lab or study hall. :(
Haha yeah I considered the false alarms but really I wouldn't care if that happened if it saved a theft. Lojack looks good... probably going to buy that service its definitely affordable thanks for the suggestion.