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any one else?...screen zooming in randomly when just scrolling with finger


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When touch scrolling pages during browsing with my right hand, occasionally and randomly, the screen will zoom and I need to double tap to revert back...looked for a setting to change or turn off to no avail....anyone??:confused:


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Yep that happens to me all the time lol I thought I was doing something wrong, or accidentally zooming in somehow, but maybe not? Anyone else have this issue as well?


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It happens to me, but not often. It when I tap the screen and my finger bounces slightly, the surface sees the double tap and zooms in.


This also happens on my Asus Transformer. I think it is when your swipe is slightly across in or perhaps fast and a slight cross.


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It happens to me, too. It happens more before I trim my finger nails. I'm not sure if the dual point on the screen of finger and nail has anything to do with it.


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Just for kicks, I tried nail only, seems not to cause an issue. :) But, it happens to me, mostly on this site, i.e., using IE.
This happens to me also. I thought it was because my left thumb was just touching the left side of the screen while I swiped with my right forefinger, creating a double touch and zoom.
it happens to me too because the Surface registers a double tap, which zooms. An intentionally double tap zooms out again.
annoying and hope they fix this or give us a setting to adjust.
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I don't think it is a Surface fault. If any of you is using the Picture Password, you'll get my point. Sometimes our stroke is not even and registers as two, you'll see two arrows in your stroke.

The screen protector also influences the strokes.

To those with stylus, you may try the difference against your fingers.

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If you swipe lightly it will register as multiple taps, like it's skipping. You can see it with a regular stylus if you got to a draw program and draw lines, do it too lightly and you don't get a consistent line, press harder and it's fine. It's a slight difference, it's not like you have to press super hard but that's what happens, it feels like you're just swiping and it skips.
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