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Anyone able to create hotspot on Surface Pro 3?

Glad you were able to find a resolution.

So I am going to take the $1500 paper weight back and use my MacBook Pro Retina or my $400 Asus. In my book a laptop that doesn't perform everything that it is supposed to do should have never been sold in the first place.
But wait, its a Microsoft product and everything they sell is broken. Vista was a great example of that.

Did Microsoft ever claim that it was able to do what you were wanting? I don't recall reading anything about it but I could have missed it. I think the SP3 is a great device and has met every expectation, the only thing I'm not thrilled about is Windows 8 but I fixed that with Classic Shell.


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They said at this point it can't be done and don't know when it will get corrected.

You are right about the machine. I actually really like it myself.