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Surface Pro 3 WiFi card

Randy Bradley

New Member
I have tried to use several different programs (mhotspot, virtual router) and even the command line to set up a virtual hotspot on my Surface 3 and none of them work. The two programs generate an error message telling me to turn on the WiFi and make for certain it is connected even though it is connected to the internet and appears to function properly. When I use the netsh process it also appears that the wireless card supports sharing, but i then get an error message saying it failed to start when again it is already running. I have used the same programs/process with other desktops and notebook computers without experiencing any problems. I have experienced this same issue with a SP2. I even went to the local Microsoft store and 3 of their techs tried to get this to work on my SP3 and a couple of others in the store, but were unable to get it to work on any of them.