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Yet another reason I love my Surface RT


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So, after updating to the pre-release Windows RT 8.1, I've been having trouble with my Surface seeing the hotspot from my Lumia 920. I could see other networks, but half the time, the 920's hotspot wouldn't show up. (It seems that the Surface has a very slow polling rate to update its list of available networks and the 920 hotspot will time out if no one connects in a minute or two).

Here's how to get a reliable connection without fuss. Well, a little fuss to set it up, then no fuss forever after.
drop down to the "useless" desktop in RT.
Open up a command prompt and type:
netsh wlan connect name=MYNETWORK

where MYNETWORK is the name of the network (you have to have already connected once to this network)

Now, that's a little tedious for something that occurs this often. So....
Make a text file named WIFI.ps1 in you documents folder and put the command into the file followed by EXIT on the next line.
Make a shortcut on the desktop to the ps1 file.
Right-click the shortcult and add word powershell in front of the path in the target line.

Now you can click the shortcut and connect to your network if the Surface is reporting the name in your list or not.

EXCEPT... there is one last thing you need to do. Windows was a bit leary of allowing such powerful scripts to run on every Surface, so they are disabled by default if you aren't running them manually from a prompt.
To fix that...
Go to the Start screen and right-click on Powershell and open as administrator
Enter the command: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

This will run any scripts you have locally on your computer without question, but require any scripts coming from the web to be signed.

Now, it would be nice if Wifi worked properly, but I love that my Surface IS Windows and I can make my own workaround at the command line.
Try that if you don't like something about your iPad!
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If you know powershell, the possibilities are endless here.
Just with this one command, you can

List all the Wifi profiles on your Surface
netsh wlan show profile

Disconnect Wifi
netsh wlan disconnect

Setup you profile on another machine
netsh wlan dump > config.txt

then on the other machine, copy the file over and run
netsh exec config.txt

See available networks
netsh wlan show networks

and much more...


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Not sure if I'll be needing this from Surface Pro to iPhone 4S but it's a great tip none the less! As you say, the power of Windows is present here :)


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If it would let me pin my script shortcut to the start page, it would be easier to connect with the script than the normal way. When you right click the shortcut, you have the option to pin to start, but it doesnt actually pin it for some reason. I'm hoping its just a glitch in 8.1.