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Anyone else having these problems on their SP3??


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I have a Surface Pro 3, 512GB i7 and ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, I have been having some very weird things going on.

Firstly, say I am at work using wifi and I close the SP3, when I get home and switch it on, I am unable to do anything. The wifi does not automatically switch over to my home wife network, and sometimes it still shows my work wifi ID but the status is disconnected. Then it doesn't open anything. Usually I'll open command prompt or network settings to reset the wireless adapter but neither gui responds.

Also, very randomly apps like iHeartradio open on its own. I can be in a meeting and out of no where iheartradio starts playing. Its very embarrassing. And the strange thing is the app is playing in the background, the app itself is not open on my desktop so I have to go into task manager to shut down the app.

Lastly, when I was on Windows 8, I could go days without restarting but with this Windows 10, I am forced to restart, sometimes, several times a day because the CPU just stops responding.

All these problems get resolved once the computer is restarted but it just gets very annoying dealing with it.

Sorry if these issues have been addressed before. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the input guys. I have done the sfc /scannow several times but to no avail. The only other option I can think of is to reset the PC but that would be a headache installing all my programs and files again..... does anyone have any other ideas??
I have the same WiFi problem not switching over to my home network. Opening IE and clicking Fix Problem when it says I'm not connected to a network or disabling / re-enabling the network adaptor or just a re-boot fixes it. I mainly reboot because at home I connect to a 27" monitor and the scaling/icon size is different and a re-boot fixes that to.