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HELP - Surface Pro 3 with Win10


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Help - having a nightmare with Surface Pro 3 (I3/64SSD version) and windows 10.

Upgraded to Windows 10 and all went well, lovely device and with Win10 very stylish and so useful for meetings and travelling around. Updates last week have been loaded and it says its up to date but........

So...so...slow - can take 10+ minutes to open Chrome, Edge, any app really. Sometimes it will not open the file explorer, says its indexing but never finishes, sometimes it opens instantly and you can browse any drives. Various responses to opening the control panel, sometime it responds, sometime does not. Sometimes it loads up (enter password/pin) and then the whole screen goes black - using "control/alt/delete" gets to green page with task manager, lock, shut-down options but no actual screen to work on.

I've only loaded Chrome, OneNote and Avast on it, nothing else.

Obviously it's really not happy Surface so it needs to be reset/re-installed (soon it might be heading out of a window!).

Trying to rest or reinstall is horrible - so slow and you never know if its going to let you into an option to move forward. Finally got into Reset - it took all night to get to the select keyboard/language options and then stopped when it said "Reset - please wait" (for about 6 hours) but then said no installation media found even though its on the USB recovery drive (downloaded from web a day or so ago). That process took 8 hours and then failed!!

Anything I should try before I send it back to Microsoft?