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Anyone had (very slight) Wi-Fi issues since the latest update?


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It's not the worst issue ever, but since the last update, quite often when my Surface first boots up it won't connect to my Wi-Fi network. It sits there with a lovely 'X' in the tray on the network icon...

All it takes is a simple reboot and it's back again without issue. Just wondered if anyone else is getting this or am I alone lol


Can you provide specifics as to which update you're referring to? Hadn't checked for any Windows Updates in awhile, just installed one for Windows 8.1 intended to 'resolve various issues', it was about ~97MB.

Wayne Orwig

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Mine started doing that 2 maybe 3 weeks ago. I'm not exactly sure.
Wake it from sleep, and it either takes a very long time to connect, or I have to manually go to the WiFi settings and select 'connect'. It seldom auto connects to my HOME router. It usually does auto connect to my WORK router. Annoying.