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Anyone playing Pinball FX 2? Battling input lag.

I'm trying to get Pinball FX2 working on my SP2 8/256. The game auto-selects reasonable graphics settings, and the frame rate seems very high, at least 30 fps.

Unfortunately, when you hit a key on the keyboard, there is a long lag before you see the flipper move on the screen. It makes the game unplayable.

With an external USB keyboard, the lag is the same as with the Type Cover 2.

With a wireless Xbox controller, the lag seems to be half or one-third as bad. The game is still not really playable, though.

On AMD and Nvidia GPUs, this lag is often attributed to the "Max Pre-Rendered Frames" setting, and the advice is to reduce the value to 0. This is not possible on our Intel GPUs, though.

The problem may not be "Max Pre-Rendered Frames" at all, either... After all, using the Xbox controller did reduce the lag quite a bit.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to battle the lag?
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I own the game and I find there is a bigger issue with the frame rate making the game unplayable all graphics options turned off or set to low


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What are you guys doing? It runs perfectly on my S2 and mine isn't as powerful as yours lol... is it a different version for SP2?


What are you guys doing?

1. Take Surface 2 Pro out of box
2. Turn on
3. Install Steam
4. Install Pinball FX2
5. Play

My S2P could not have been more stock when I tried this game.

No difference after the March driver/firmware update, either.


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Why are you running it through Steam? Its available in the Windows Store as a Modern App optimized for Windows 8.


I already own it through Steam and don't want to re-buy it.

Theoretically there's no reason it shouldn't work as well as any other 3d game, but clearly something's goofy with it.


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using the Microsoft store version of it have it on high performance with all eye candy turned low or off all apps turned off and it is about 5 FPS from being enjoyable if the ball is moving slow it's okay but at high speed the ball vanishes and reappears like skipped frames


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there is a setting in the NVidia control panel
- manage 3d Settings
- program settings tab
- select program pick pinball FX2.exe or add it
- Maximum pre-rendered frames - set it to 1
just installed the steam version and got the input lag this fixed it


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oops lol went retarded kinda got sick of how it performed on the SP2 and installed it on my PC
just wish it could transfer tables but NOOOOO!!!!