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Apple Thunderbolt Monitor


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Hi There,

I love my Surface Pro 2 & have all the adapters. I also have a Apple Thunderbolt screen & am trying to work out how to use this monitor as my secondary screen. Ive tried all sorts of combinations but just cant seem to get it to work.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


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Thanks for your response kayzee,

Ive got one of those, plugged into back of Thunderbolt screen, set monitor to duplicate on surface but nothing appeared on screen. (surface did appear to change its resolution)


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Just did some reading around Apple website and Apple Forums, and from what I've found, the only devices capable of connecting to a Thunderbolt display are devices that have THUNDERBOLT output, not Mini DisplayPort which is found on the SP2, despite the connector size being identical.

So to sum up, there is technically no way this will work. Only devices that will work are those that have Thunderbolt output - so new Apple computers or Windows ones that specifically have Thunderbolt, not Mini DisplayPort.