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miniDP to VGA


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Has anyone else used a MiniDP to VGA adapter? I bought a cheap one and it works, but the image on the external monitor is not very clear - shaking a lot like the refresh rate is too slow or has scanning lines across it. Tried a few different refresh rates and it can be usable, but still not perfect. Tried it on a few different monitors and same thing so it's definitely not just my monitor.

I've also tried it from the Thunderbolt port on my iMac and this too produces a poor image.

So far I have a couple of theories:

1. Cheap adapter - bad performance.
2. Going from Digital signal to analog - inherently going to be poor pic.

If 1 is true, I don't mind buying the one from Microsoft (even if the price is extortionate!) as long as it does the job properly.

Just wondered if anyone else had used one and what there experience was?
The thing that makes the MS adapter work better is designed for the angle of the Surface Pro so the connection is better. Most after market ones have squared off connectors that don't make a great connection.
That's true, but the iMac has a flat connection port, yet also gives poor pic quality which makes me wonder whether the problem is just as it was a cheap adapter.
Sounds like it is the adapter's fault then!!! :D

Most likely, but I wanted to check if anyone had got it working properly as surely there would be some distortion going from a digital signal to analogue, and I don't want to throw away money on the Microsoft one if won't do any better of a job.