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Monitor for SP3/Docking Station and MacBook Pro


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I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a monitor for use with a Surface Pro 3 with Docking Station, as well as a Mid-2012 MacBook Pro w/Thunderbolt ports? My primary machine is currently the MacBook Pro an I use it with the 27" Thunderbolt Monitor, which of course will not work with the Surface; I'm slowly transitioning to making the Surface my primary workstation but I'm not quite there yet. I'd like something in the 27" range and with greater resolution than 1920x1080. Ideally with two video inputs so I don't have to flip cables around all the time.

And to be honest I really like the shiny screen from the Thunderbolt monitor. :)

Any suggestions, particularly from someone with a similar setup, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Well, with the Surface, the best companion monitor is definitely something 4k because it avoids all scaling issues when moving between docked and undocked. I have the Dell p2715q and it's a beautiful screen that matches the Surface's wonderfully. It may be, however, that your Mac won't drive a 4k screen. What specific model do you have? Does it have integrated or discreet graphics? It may be able to drive it at 30hz which might be a worthwhile tradeoff if you do intend to move to the Surface Pro as the full-time computer.