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Apps for musicians and Windows Bridge


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Hi everyone!

I'm new here. I've just got my new Surface Pro4 and I'm musician. I usually use my smartphone (Android) as a working tool, where I can turn on the metronome (Metronome Beats) and the chromatic tuner (ClearTune). I couldn't find anything similar for Windows (either for Windows desktop or Windows App). Appart from the lack of alternatives I found, I've heard something about Windows Bridge, which suppose to allow you to adapt an Android/iOS App to Windows format. I would like to know if I can do that on my own or if this is just for developers and I should ask them for the adaptation.

... I usually ... turn on the metronome ... and the chromatic tuner ... I couldn't find anything similar for Windows (either for Windows desktop or Windows App).
Welcome to the forum, @Carles

I am a musician, too, and use Apple and PC products.
But I am very confused about your post. There are many metronome and tuner apps on the Microsoft App Store.
Search for the word "metronome".
Search for the word "tuner".



Thank you for the fast response. I've been trying the apps you mention and they haven't the same quality as the Android apps. For example, the tuner hasn't got the option of leaving the long tone sounding in order to allow you to tune with it. And the metronome can't have simple rhythms, like 1/1 bar. And I've been trying more metronomes and tuners and my conclusions were these:

- I couldn't find a metronome with the possibility of changing the speed (like 50% - 75% - 85% - 95% - 100%, that you have in Metronome Beats).

- I couldn't find a me metronome with a good system to manage the bars and accents, from 1/1 to 12/8 at least.

- I couldn't find a tuner where I can let it sounding a long tone and adjusting the pitch up to A4=442 Hz.

And that's why I wanted to adapt the Android apps to Windows. Of course, if there are similar applications for Windows I prefer to use them.

Thank you again!
Microsoft had, at one time not long ago, planned on enabling Android apps to be easily ported to Windows using Continuum but for the moment I think that plan has been suspended. Another option may be to run AMIDuOS on Windows which will enable you to run Android and the apps of your choice.

There is no perfect solution for finding equivalents to many/most Android or iOS apps for Windows. I have a friend, (a musician) who loves Android phones but was literally forced to use an iPhone because of one app, (developed and owned by Apple), that was unavailable anywhere else.
There is a Tone Generator also. Holds a pitch and waveform so that you can tune to it.

I hope we get some Android crossover soon.
Do you guys also know of a good sheet music app? I'm looking for something like OnSong on the iPad... lyrics, chords and the ability to add notes or transpose songs with a capo.
@jnjroach : That's massive overkill, hehe. Not to mention 70 bucks! No, OnSong for iPad just gives you lyrics and chords and takes regular text files or PDFs. That's quite enough for me!