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Arc Touch Mouse | Surface Edition

Sean Kelly

New Member
Hello folks!

I just got the arc touch mouse (the one without the USB Dongle. However, when I hold down the button to pair the device, the light on the top never comes on indicating that it's in pairing mode, and the surface doesn't recognize it.

I've removed the batteries for a few minutes, tried again, etc, No different.

Any thoughts?

Sean Kelly

New Member
Thanks for the prompt reply!

Just talked with Microsoft, and surprisingly, I had a fantastic customer service experience. (not what I'm used to with Microsoft. :/ )

Thanks for the help.


New Member
Does anyone have a fix for this? I'm on my second mouse and both have had this exact same problem. RMA through mail is getting ridiculous. I tried calling Microsoft with the first mouse, but the language barrier was unfortunately an issue and we couldn't even get past my account info to troubleshoot the mouse.



New Member
Well, the fix is to call Microsoft and request mouse number 3. Please lightning, don't strike again.


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I struggled with this for years while it sat in a box until I finally stumbled upon a solution. Hold down the pairing button while opening the mouse to switch it on. The light started flashing red for some reason and it was very quickly appearing in the list of devices to pair on my brand new laptop. I'm almost certain I tried this years ago to no avail. Anyway, I hope it helps someone!
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