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Are there any widespread hardware defects or software problems?


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I am about to buy one of these tablets, and I just wanted make sure there weren't any widespread problems affecting many people that should prevent me from purchasing one. Anything come to mind?


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You should read through the forums. Depending on if you buy the standard or the Pro, there are little things that will be fixed with updates, but workarounds are available. The biggest issue is not waking back up after sleeping, in which you do a hard reset (hold power button for roughly 10 seconds) to reboot the device.


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I've had a Surface 2 since released day, and am very happy with it.

There were some early firmware and OS issues, but these were fairly minor and have since been largely resolved by updates. Microsoft have proved very good at establishing a steady monthly trickle of updates and improvements, which mean month by month, the product keeps getting steadily better and better.

From my experience, and from keeping my 'ear to the ground' I know of no fundamental issues with the product, such as hardware design flaws, or other issues that would typically result in a recall. I'd say if you're looking to buy a Surface 2, you can do so with confidence.


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There is one issue with a battery serie, which doesn't give mWh stats in the battery-report. I have one like that, but it's not really a problem because there is no abnormal battery drain. If buy it at a store you can check the battery-report of the surface 2 that is there to try. If the Surface 2 in the store has mWh stats, it may not be a problem. I really love my surface 2


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I've also had my Surface 2 since close to release date and I have not had a single problem with it. Battery is good. Win 8.1 RT is infinitely more fluid than 8.0 and the Tegra4 chip is snappy. No hardware issues at all. I use my device for more than 8-10 hours on a daily basis and have relied on it when I was traveling overseas. In other words, I push my Surface 2 quite hard. No issues at all - at least as of now.

That said, when I read some of the experiences that people discuss here on other forum, I get the feeling that buying any piece of technology sometimes comes down to pure and simple luck. I say this because while I have not had problems with my device, other have experienced problems - some minor, others major - and there seems to be no other way by which I can account for this disparity in experiences.

But on the whole, the Surface 2 is an excellent piece of kit and I would strongly recommend it if it fits into your work/ play flow.

Edit: Perhaps this forum needs a thread titled "How satisfied are you with your Surface 2"?